Retro Infant Bed

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Retro Infant Bed

For the infants' sensitive skin, non-allergenic and mild mattresses with a hardness suitable for baby age should be preferred. We will be happy to help you choose a good bed for your infant. It offers your infant an ideal sleep environment for many years with its special sponge content that supports the development of the spine. Your infant will sleep healthily and safely with a lullaby.

The soft mattress gives the body an ideal posture. Equipped with a system that keeps the bed cool in summer and warm in winter, this mattress has high-quality orthopaedics and provides high sleep comfort for your infant. Thanks to the leather capsule, it provides faster air circulation in the mattress and thus minimizes the risk factors that cause unwanted disturbances such as mould, odour, and bacteria due to moisture in the mattress.  With such a mattress, it is a bed that creates a healthy sleeping environment for your baby.

Retro Infant Bed is the most ideal bed for your infant. Its unique design creates an environment where your infant feels comfortable and safe. Equipped with a system that can be adjusted according to the position of your infant, it provides a feeling of restful sleep.
Swivel wheels make it easy to move it from room to room. It measures only 70 × 120 cm and is very effective even in small spaces.

Decoration is not the scope of services.

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